Why You Want to Work With a Travel Advisor

beach-84533__340.jpg Changing your travel plans can be a complete hassle by yourself; the time needed to re-book flights and accommodation is lengthy and stressful. This is where a seasoned travel specialist can help.

In today’s world, where regrettably we are dealing with concerns like terrorism and health concerns, we need to make sure we are safe when traveling. Travel representatives may charge a fee but what they can provide is notable: exclusive promos, extra perks and inventory not available to the public. ”Real live” agents are making a reappearance these days as young people are traveling a lot more, and though they are very good at the techie side of things, they are not seasoned travelers and are searching for support from agents.

And the fad does notseem to be going away anytime soon.

Numerous research has shown that 92% of U.S. leisure travelers who used a travel advisor once, will use one for a second time. One of the biggest reasons for the return to travel agents is access to their expertise and relationships in the marketplace.

We all know time is money, so instead of spending countless hours researching, agents who are members of bigger consortia can help get you a far better price via a large supplier. Leading travel advisors have well established associations with tour operators, award-winning chefs, hotel managers that web based sites do not. And contrary to popular belief, travel agents can in fact get you much better prices vs internet.

As most agents have their own booking systems which gives them access to a variety of cruise packages, airline tickets and hotel rooms, they can generally offer the same web promotions.

Though there may be a fee required, you will reap some benefits in the form of amenities, like breakfast and spa and beverage credits.

Are you forgetting anything?
Rather than of researching on your own, an professional can help you prepare for any surprise expenses and amenities; including the cost of meals, resort and tourism charges, that can add up quickly. Agents can also assist in connecting you with the very best tour operators if your trip should have you {traveling | journeying | taking a trip to a far-away, remote place. Agents have associations with various companies and vetted vendors all over the world.

An agent is also helpful in helping you steer clear of typical travel annoyances like travel delays or cancellations, rescheduling flights, upgrading your hotel room, adding an extra person to your trip, and even finding the right travel insurance for you.

The Perks of American Express Pay with Points Plan

AMT Travel is delighted to bring you the Pay with Points plan with American Express that offers you more savings and peace of mind. though American Express Membership Rewards customers could redeem their points for miles with partner airlines in past years, flights were not easy to find.

Your Membership Rewards Credit Card Reward points can now be used to pay in full, or partially, all of your vacation travel packages, flights, accommodations as well as car rentals and tours.

AMT Travel can show you how easily and straightforward cashing in your points can be.

Following are just some of the benefits you will receive:

-No travel blackout periods – points can be used at any time for all travel.
-10,000 Membership Rewards points will get you $100 worth of travel.
-All your travel specifications are included, including hotel rooms, car rentals, flights, tours, packages, currency exchange, travel insurance, and even airport taxes.

-Accumulate frequent flyer points on bookings bought with points.
-Pay quickly with points in-store.

-You will not be charged any fees when you use your American Express Card when arranging travel if you purchase with points and your card.
And lastly, AMT American Express Travel Representative can help you in organizing first and business class travel with your American Express points!

AMT Travel: Plan Your Luxury Holiday With Us

Even before the journey commences, both veteran travelers and newbies have so many decisions to make before embarking on a vacation. You may be excited about trekking through the mountains, relaxing by the seaside or even traveling to that far-away place you’ve only seen in films. AMT Travel, an American Express Travel Representative, can get you any place you want to go in extravagance and style. child-1111818__340.jpg Our 25 years-worth of experience, certified specialists, and expertise garnered from countless voyages across the globe which means we have the know-how to advise you on which luxury cruise line is best for you, whether that be Holland, Silversea, Princess, or Regent Cruises, to name a few.

On board one of these companies' luxury cruise ships, you'll experience 5-star accommodation and the highest standards of service, facilities, entertainment and off-board adventures.

Surpassing expectations is AMT Travel’s main aim and that is why planning an unforgettable vacation is our top priority. We provide the very best locations to match your individual cultural passions, individual hobbies and lifestyle.

AMT American Express Travel offers a spectrum of remarkable destinations and travel models and is the international front runner in escorted American Express Tours. No matter what you seek; visiting Europe’s most prominent cities or going more remote somewhere far, far away, American Express Tours bring you endless possibilities with over 200 vacations in 60+ countries.

And... being a member has its privileges.

At AMT American Express Travel, we service our loyal clients by providing pre-negotiated tour rates. At the end of the day, AMT Travel’s returning client list is impressive because our specialists make it their business to design a package that is one-of-a-kind and complete. You will never have to be concerned with things like getting that upgrade, keeping track of on travel times, preparing travel documentation, finding the best exchange rate, selecting excursions or working out what to bring.

Around the clock service and around the world travel, AMT Travel is there to provide travel assistance any time you need it.

venice-849841__340.jpg We are here to make sure that you travel with no headaches, complications or concerns. Your task is to pack your suitcase and we will do the rest.

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